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How to do iPad 2 Glass Replacement

We depend on our tablets in professional and personal life, performing job tasks, playing games and watching videos. iPad 2 is very popular among kids and adults. The big screen size make people feel like a mini T.V which is easy to carry. If your iPad 2 screen breaks and touch stops responding don’t worry, you don’t have to buy another expensive iPad. Here is the is a quick breakdown on how to replace iPad 2 screen.

How does the screen works?

While your iPad screen is bigger than the screen of your iPhone, they don’t actually work any differently. The glass part of an iPad is called digitizer that contains two flex cables, which creates a touch sensitivity often called touch sensor. Sometimes the the screen doesn’t get crack due to the drop but it causes non-responsive touch due to the pressure on the iPad that damages the touch sensor.

Things needed for repair

iPad repair process

Before performing any kind of repair on an iPad you should always power it off first.

Take note of caution areas

Start heating the outer part of the screen on a medium temperature. Do not heat the middle part or it will cause a LCD burn and you will have no display after replacing the glass. While heating stick a plastic prying tool on one of the edge between glass and LCD and start moving on the sides.

On the right side of iPad beware not to cut or break power button flex as it is a very sensitive part. Make sure to heat enough so it can be easily separated. The top part consist of WiFi antenna.

Digitizer cable flex

Once you have separated iPad glass from the frame the next process is to open LCD screws located on all the 4 corners. Carefully lift up the LCD and detach flex from the motherboard

Mid Frame

Remove the remaining glass pieces from the sides. Be-sure while removing the glass pieces with a spudger or a pry tool is not to break and flex or scratch the battery which will cause a power failure.

Install New Assembly

Most of the iPad digitizer comes with adhesive on the sides but if not then use a 3x adhesive and apply on the mid-frame. Connect the flex of new screen in the board along with the LCD flex. Carefully put the all the parts at there position in the way it came out.

Test the new screen

After installing the new iPad 2 digitizer. Turn it on and check all the functions of iPad including touch sensitivity, camera, speaker, WiFi and speaker

And done....

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