iPad 4 screen repair service

Accidents happen. Sometimes a screen can get cracked or damaged. iPad 4 is a delicate device specially to front part which is also called a digitizer. When iPad screen is broken sometimes it also damages the touch sensor by which it stops responding because the touch flex is connected with digitizer. The best way to stop it from more cracking is to apply scotch tape on the broken areas till it gets fixed.

Wireless People provide certified tech which have been in repair business from over a decade. Simply make a online repair appointment iPad 4 repair service or call us on 469-877-5838 or fill the form below to schedule an appointment and we will contact you on your phone number. You will also receive an email for appointment confirmation.

Our certified tech will come to you to fix iPad 4 screen which usually takes 40 – 60 mins duration in which we heat the broken glass so it comes out from the frame easily without damaging LCD and other parts. After that we open smoothly your working LCD and put it aside. Then we start cleaning the whole frame to make sure that any of the broken glass piece doesn’t remain inside or on the edge because it can cause a breakage again with a soft press.

In the last part we install the LCD and digitizer back in the frame and cover it with high quality adhesive so that the glass screen sticks to the frame properly and does not open while using the iPad 4. Then we give a last touch of heat so that the dry adhesive hold the glass with the frame properly. Then we check the iPad 4 to make sure everything is functioning properly such as front and back camera, sound, vibrate and the touch panel of the screen.

Finally we hand it over to the owner and tell them to make sure that your iPad 4 is functioning properly. Once confirmed we send the receipt on customer’s cellphone and email address as it will be saved for future reference or warranty claim.

Parts we used are original and comes with 6 months warranty if any glitch comes in the screen. Breakage warranty is that if you break the part we will charge you the cost price of that same iPad 4 we fixed. So that customer don’t have to spend more money and can fix their iPad 4.

For more questions or to make appointment you can call us on 469-877-5838 or fill the form below.

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