iPhone 6 Screen Repair

Screen is known as glass lens display. A broken glass can cause several issues in the screen. 


tapeApply a clear tape on the screen to prevent from any additional damage



protective case


Put it inside a protective case


iphone-6-screen-repair_largeCracks on the glass screen





IMG_1994-2bubbles inside the glass screen





unresponsive-iphone-touchscreenUnresponsive touch display sensor




maxresdefaultDropping or smashing iPhone 6 on the floor or concrete. 




pressureApplying excessive pressure on touch screen







apple-iphone-teard_3044178krepairCall us  and we will come to you and repair your device in 20- 30 mins, along with warranty. Travelling charges are free and our technician will come on the same day. If you live out of town then you can ship us your device with check or money order . We will fix your device and ship it back to you within a day after receiving it

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