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iPhone 6 Plus repair

The iPhone 6 marked a turning point for the iPhone series back when it debuted in late 2014: it was the first time that Apple went big. Featuring a 4.7 inch LCD display to keep up with other flagship phones of that era, it was both innovative and elegant. With improved battery and a modern design, Apple’s iPhone 6 plus took the smartphone market by storm in late 2014. If damage to your iPhone 6 is putting a damper on your productivity, Learn how Wireless People can help you with iPhone 6 plus repair services

Broken iPhone Screen

The durability of the iPhone 6 plus is a direct result of its resistance to water and dust. This is achieved through a good quality screen, making the iPhone 6 plus screen repair procedure harder than simply removing some screws and busting the case open. The iPhone 6 plus screen replacement procedure can be complicated. There are special tools involved, and sometimes heat needs to be applied to get through the adhesive and replace a broken screen. We strongly recommend seeking professional help rather than attempting to go at it by yourself. Call us for a low cost of iPhone 6 plus screen replacement near you.

Other issues

Other than a cracked screen that will inevitably lead to a full on iPhone 6 plus  screen replacement, other things can go wrong with your phone. The most common iPhone 6 plus issue after a broken screen is short battery life. iPhone 6 plus batteries are quite simple to replace, usually at a relatively low cost. Other common iPhone 6 plus issues include WiFi and Bluetooth antenna repair, Front/Rear Camera repair and Earpiece speaker repair. Fortunately these types of repairs are simpler than an iPhone 6 plus screen repair. All they require is a remove and replace procedure that is usually completed quicker.


If you’re not sure what service your device needs, take advantage of our free iPhone 6 diagnostic service. A technician will come to you and test the basic functions of your iPhone 6 as well as examine the body for any surface damage. They can then determine which of our iPhone 6 plus repair services would be best for your device as well as offer you a price quote. Did you know that there’s more than one type of screen damage? The iPhone 6 plus glass and LCD of your iPhone 6 plus are very different parts and one can even be damaged without the other. Our diagnostic service will determine that which service is best for your situation.

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