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iPhone 7 repair service

Fix your iPhone 7 screen, LCD, battery and charging port at your door step.






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iPhone 7 repair

In September of 2016, Apple released the iPhone 7. From longer battery life and a sophisticated new camera system to a 25 percent brighter display and new black and jet black finishes, the iPhone 7 takes all of the specs Apple users love to the next level. However, you should never let looks deceive you, as the iPhone 7 demonstrates a big leap in durability and quality. Along with the iPhone 7 Plus, this is the first phone by Apple to feature a water-tight case that blocks water, dirt and dust. This helps keep your phone’s components in good condition for longer. Regardless of the better build, there are still times when users face problems with their phones. The most common problem is the iPhone 7 screen repair. A broken screen leaves you no choice: you will need to find iPhone 7 screen replacement near you.

Broken iPhone Screen

The durability of the iPhone 7 is a direct result of its resistance to water and dust. This is achieved through a screen adhesive, making the phone screen repair procedure harder than simply removing some screws and busting the case open. There are special tools involved, and sometimes heat needs to be applied to get through the adhesive and replace a broken screen. We strongly recommend seeking professional help rather than attempting to go at it by yourself. For a low cost iPhone 7 screen replacement near you.

Other issues

Other than a cracked screen that will inevitably lead to a full on part replacement, other things can go wrong with your phone. The most common iPhone 7 issue after a broken screen is short battery life. iPhone 7 battery is quite simple to replace, usually at a relatively low cost. Other common issues include WiFi and Bluetooth antenna repair, Front/Rear Camera repair and Earpiece speaker repair. Fortunately these types of repairs are simpler than the screen repair. All they require is a remove and replace procedure that is usually completed quicker.


If you’re not sure what service your device needs, take advantage of our free diagnostic service. A technician will come to you and test the basic functions of your iPhone as well as examine the body for any surface damage. They can then determine which repair services would be best for your device as well as offer you a price quote. Did you know that there’s more than one type of screen damage? The glass and LCD of your iPhone are very different parts and one can even be damaged without the other. Our diagnostic will determine which service is best for your situation.

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