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Phone Screen Repair Service

Our mission is to provide quality repair service from expert technicians of wireless people for your phone. Our trusted phone repair technicians will come to you and fix it onspot, in home or office. Book an appointment at your convenience and get your phone fixed today 

Phone repair

Cell Phone is the most popular product in telecommunication industry. We offer lowest cost for phone screen repair service in comparison of other phone screen repair stores

Phone Repair Warranty

Our warranty policy will always save your money because when you select our phone repair service, it come with lifetime warranty on parts

Popular phone models

There has been an enormous increment in smartphones in recent years, so we always keep our parts inventory updated.

Phone repair cost

Phone repair cost varies due to the technology every company uses is different. iPhone screen cost is lower than samsung because the samsung display is more defined pixel which cost higher.

Phone parts

At Wireless People, all the Phone parts comes through a name brand companies, which includes apple, samsung and lg

Common Phone issues

broken screen, black spot on display, not charging, battery draining quickly, water damage, camera flickering, lines on lcd, no display

"Amazing phone screen repair service, a technician came to meet me at the local Starbucks and fixed my phone screen on spot."
Cristella Flores

"We provide quality service for your phone screen repair."


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