Tablet Repair Service

Do you need a tablet repair service? It’s easy to get connected with your tablet and rely your daily work on it, as it provides the perfect combination of size and function. It’s a handy companion device that can be taken anywhere you want. If this convenience gets interrupted due to damage screen or malfunctions, Wireless People is available in your service everytime.

Our Expertise

ipad repair

iPad Repair

Wireless People specialize in iPad repair service and we fix it everyday. From newer models of iPad till the first generation iPad we fix it all. From broken ipad screen to malfunctioning charging dock we fix it. Furthermore, is that the parts installed in and ipad are original and covered under warranty

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Front most part of the device that help to cover as protective shield for the LCD. It also works as a touch sensor.


Liquid Crystal Display. It is a display with pixels and colors. Often bleed and spread with black spot after damage

Charging Port

It provides power in the battery. The small pins inside the port are very sensitive and often breaksĀ 

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