fix iphone 6 screen

WireLess PeoPle is an authorized onsite repair specialist for cellphones, tablets, iPad’s and computers. We repair all kind of issues of iphone 6 which includes broken screen, cracked lcd, no display, unresponsive touch, home button issue, motherboard issue, water damage, signal or WiFi antenna issue or software issue. We can fix it while you wait. Call us and we come to you and repair your device while you wait.

Common issues and solutions


Broken Screen

tapeApply a clear tape on the screen to prevent from any additional damage



Broken LCD

iphone-6-plus-cracked-lcd-screen-replacementDo not charge it because it can cause a spark which leads towards IC chip issues




Water Damage issue

Dry it with blow dryer or leave it under the sun before charging it other it will cause motherboard or LCD issuewater damage




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